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CV Resources is a full service staffing firm that provides talent to the Accounting, Finance, Administrative, Human Resources and Supply Chain & Logistics sectors.


When building teams, utilizing artificial intelligence to source data drives the first stage of connections. We are huge believers in the value of information and invest heavily to access candidate pools and a network that is second to none – we utilize our proprietary artificial intelligence techniques to source these pools. Our sourcing techniques have resulted in an astonishing 92% fill ratio. However, it’s not enough to source talent with a requisite skill set – this is only the first step.

Our value is the emotional intelligence we bring to each connection – we learn your culture and present candidates to fit your team. The human element cannot be overstated in the recruiting process. Our goal is to work with you to build teams that last and emotional fit is crucial to this objective.

We do not believe in having a computer sourcing and haphazardly sending resumes. We add no value to this equation and don’t believe this results in great teams built to last.


Great teams thrive in great cultures, see how we can help.

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